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Personal Photo Collages

As a little girl I always used to make presents for my Dad for his birthday. When I got older, I started to buy nicer (real) things. But now he’s over 65, and has everything I could ever think of getting him. So for his birthday, I decided to go back to what he loved the most, and that is a hand-made gift.

Now that I live 4000 km away, I thought that a photo collage of me and him taken on his last visit to see me would be perfect.

These make great, personalised gifts for anyone! I’ve begun to make them for friends too, and can make them for anyone. Just provide a photo.

20x20cm, on canvas

20x20cm, on canvas

Great for birthdays, weddings or any other occasion! Click on the icons below for more examples:

 13.10.31 Mara_Aviel  20x20cm; on cancas  Adam&Lindzsm

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