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Sometimes life takes over…

March 31, 2014

I have good reason for not posting for almost 2 months – between starting a full time job, finding out I am pregnant and working on sales both privately and through my Etsy shop, I’ve barely had time to kiss my husband when he walks in the door at the end of a long day (sorry hubby!)

I have been  keeping up the creativity though. My new job is in my field of interior design, so I get to be creative daily, even if it’s just on Photoshop doing things like this:

Luxury Apartment plan

On the side, here are a few pieces I’ve been working on:

Digital art, hand sketched and coloured in Photoshop

Digital art, hand sketched and coloured in Photoshop

My cousins decided they wanted to give my uncle a birthday gift with a difference. This is their family home in Glasgow, UK. It’s a handsketch (worked up from a photo) then scanned and digitally coloured in Photoshop. Those of you that know the house can tell me whether you think it’s an accurate representation, but my cousins were certainly happy!

20x20cm handmade photo canvas

20x20cm handmade photo canvas

This piece was a gift from a friend to her parents. The quote is something her mother says regularly, and I think it’s a good life motto. “Know when it’s good, and celebrate it”

There is more in the pipeline, works-in-progress, even if just in my head! Watch this space…


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  1. Wow congratulations! You are super talented and going to be a super mum 🙂

  2. Andrew permalink

    Time you kissed your husbad

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