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Capturing wedding memories

January 14, 2014

Weddings are awesome, especially when it’s a close friend. So when you’re actually part of the bridal party, spending the whole day with the bride and fellow bridesmaids getting ready, having photos taken, creating memories is just amazing.

I cannot express the fun I had that day, photos on the beach, playing in the sand, pretending to run from tidal waves and watching the sunset behind the happy couple. When I saw the wedding photos, I was in awe. It is the mark of a good photographer* to capture some of the compositions and moments as they did, and so, when the happy couple asked for a painting of one of their photos as a wedding gift, I happily obliged.

I would note that it was a challenge to pick the right photo, there were so many to choose from, but after ruling out ones that they were going to get large prints of, we settled on a chuppa scene in the forest venue.

20131211-153415.jpgAcrylic on canvas, 70x50cm

I had a lot of fun painting this scene, which I’m sure is because it reminded me of such an unbelievable day. Giving a personal wedding present like this makes me very happy and I hope the newly weds get as much pleasure from the painting as I did creating it.

*Respect to both photographers who I highly recommend to anyone getting married in Israel or London:
Asaf Kliger (Israel) –
Adam Szczepanski (London) –


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