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Happy holidays – the gift of memories

December 29, 2013

The holiday and partying season is well and truly in swing. Many will be, by now, slumped over their tried and tested hangover cures, whether it be a raw egg in tomato juice or just another whisky!

Either way, this time of year is for spending with great friends and family. Sitting round the dinner table, eating Christmas dinner, discussing the previous years’ antics. Or sitting in the pub, reminiscing about the time we climbed a mountain in the snowy winter of Scotland, celebrated by having half a bottle of Glenfiddich and falling asleep by the fire in the bothy, only to wake up to climb back down the mountain.

Ok, that might seem a bit strange for many of us, but those in climbing circles will understand, and may even tell me that ‘half a bottle’ isn’t quite accurate! My brother-in-law wanted to give his close friends a Christmas gift to remember, so I made these two photo canvas collages for them, as a reminder of all of those amazing memories created out in the hills.

20x20cm, on canvas

20x20cm, on canvas

20x20cm, on canvas

20x20cm, on canvas

I’m told that there were tears (of joy I hope) when his friends were presented with these gifts. The text is meaningful to them, names of Monroe’s climbed together in Scotland, and lyrics to a song. Friendships are bonded climbing those hills.

Happy New Year!


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