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Israel on screen (part 1) – Dizengoff Square

December 17, 2013

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently developing my online shop and Facebook page (no apologies for the shameless plugs), and over the last week really felt I’d spent too long looking at a computer screen and not enough time with a pen(cil) in my hand.

And sometimes staring at a monitor just hurts my head, so I took a break and this is what happened:

approx 20 x 10 cm, pen on tracing paper

Dizengoff square, approx 20 x 10 cm, pen on paper

Due to the storm/snow here, I was working from photos I’d taken a week earlier and feel that there’s an architectural-graphic quality of the pen marks. This isn’t a million miles away from the style of the sketches I do as an interior designer.

At this stage in the design process I would take an ‘interior’ sketch into Photoshop and start adding materials and shading. So, I decided to experiment with this drawing in the same way. I have a (not so) secret obsession for Photoshop, and until now have been restrained and have not manipulated much of my artwork, except to alter the brightness affected by scanning.

So this is how it turned out. I didn’t want to go into too much detail as it would lose the graphic quality I liked in the original sketch so I kept the colours in block rather than shading.


As I’ve given away in the title of this post, I’ve been working on a number of these stylised sketches. More will follow, just as soon as my eyes readjust from staring at the screen for too long!



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One Comment
  1. Harvey Livingston permalink

    Brilliant can’t wait to see it in the flesh as it were love dad

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