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Holy Birthday

November 3, 2013

My first commission, for a unique piece of art, was for a 60th birthday present, an Israeli scene in pastel.

Firstly I ran through a number of sketches of the Jerusalem skyline, Masada and the Dead Sea, Tel Aviv and the Western Wall. It was the latter that was chosen, and I started working on the piece. I was very aware of the style that was requested – similar to that of my earlier Jaffa piece – and worked on this intensely to make sure I got it right.

I wanted to make sure that I expressed the vibrancy of the Dome of the Rock in contrast to the stone of the Wall, whilst keeping it simple.

The final piece, my take on the holiest sites in the world, is now in its rightful home in Glasgow, Scotland. I am proud to also have a print of it on my wall at home.

Western Wall, Jerusalem; pastel on paper;  approx 42 x 30 xm

Western Wall, Jerusalem; pastel on paper; approx 42 x 30 cm

Prints of this drawing are available at or by contacting me directly here


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  1. beautiful drawing!

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