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Fire and Water in Dizengoff

September 15, 2013

Right in the centre of Tel Aviv at the famous Dizengoff Square is the multicolored “Fire and Water” fountain by Yaacov Agam. I walk past this fountain a few times a week, and every time, the vibrant colours set against the white Bauhaus architecture of the Hotel Cinema puts a smile on my face. To me, it represents this colourful and multicultural city.


Fire & Water, Dizengoff Square; acrylic on paper; 29x20cm

The is the first piece I’ve published purely in paint (watered down acrylic). It’s the technique I’m least comfortable with, as I’ve always felt a permanency with paint that other mediums don’t have (ie if I made a mistake in another medium, I could go over it or rub it out). However, I like the ‘summer-y’ feel of this painting. Its light and breezy, like how I feel when I’m out and about in Tel Aviv.

On a separate note, there are many misgivings about Dizengoff Square, it’s raised pedestrian section and this fountain. It can hardly be described as the most attractive part of the city (despite my earlier comments) and there may be further development in the future to revert it to it’s previous plan. If that we’re to happen, the fountain would likely be incorporated into new plans, or relocated. It has become a landmark of Tel Aviv, highly photographed by both tourists and professional photographers alike.



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  1. Eal permalink

    Looks great in your painting, unlike the real thing

  2. Harvey Livingston permalink

    Love it-that is where we had our first falafel filled Pitta Love dad

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