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Jerusalem of… Black and White

August 29, 2013

I recently realised that at no point have I done any artwork featuring Jerusalem*. Weird, given that it’s a beautiful city only an hour drive from me. So to start off my ‘exploration’ of the holiest city in the world, I wanted to do something very simple.

It’s a very basic ink and graphite sketch of, perhaps, the most famous and most photographed view of the Western Wall with the Dome of the Rock behind. It took around 2 hours to complete (it’s A3 in size). A good perspective drawing exercise which I haven’t done in a while. You can tell me what you think!

*My realization came during an Ulpan (Hebrew language) class, where we were dissecting Israeli history and culture to learn new vocabulary. My teacher played ‘Jerusalem of Gold‘ before giving us the lyrics. Although I’d heard it before, it literally gave me chills, as it’s such a beautiful song with quite a powerful history. (Read about it here).


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  1. Harvey permalink

    yerushalayim she’ll zahav has been my favourite Israeli song since 1967 when it represented to me the regaining of the wall and the old city to Israel. It still brings tears to my eyes. Associating your beautiful drawing of the Jerusalem skyline with this song is terrific.
    I have never seen Jerusalem without people thronging around. Seeing the outline of buildings with no people is really quite unusual.
    keep up the good work

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