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Design Museum Holon

July 18, 2013

I realised this week that I’ve been in Tel Aviv for almost 2 years, and still hadn’t been to the Design Museum in Holon. So today, I went.

It’s an iconic building in a residential area in Holon. I’d seen the photos of course, but had imagined it to be much bigger. There were high-rise apartments looking over the building, and I can only imagine how it looks from above. In the sunlight, the building is quite beautiful.


The current exhibition is one from the building’s architect, Ron Arad, entitled ‘In Reverse’, exhibiting, among other things, compressed Fiat 500 cars! His experimentation with manipulation and compression of metals must have been a lot of fun!


All in all, I was quite inspired, both architecturally, and by cars – a reminder that even the everyday things can be used in a creative way. Not sure my husband would appreciate if I tried this on our Suzuki…


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  1. Eleanor permalink

    Am jealous you went without me

  2. AndrewB permalink

    I unintentionally made a Fiat Brava look like the red one above

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