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Jaffa Port – mixed media

July 10, 2013

I had this image in my head for a mixed media piece. Something small, around 20 x 20cm. Previously, I’d been working on quite natural, fluid forms, so for this, I wanted something architectural – a little closer to my profession! I found a photo of Jaffa port that fitted the image in my head because of its depth and cubic layering of buildings.

Needless to say, when I got started, things got a bit out of hand and the piece kept growing and growing. Here is the finished piece. I’m incredibly pleased how it turned out!

Jaffa Port

Pastel and paint on a newspaper collage base
approx 43cm x 28 cm


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  1. MomentumIsrael permalink

    Very beautiful and vibrant colors. This is a great piece to put in the living room.
    also Im glad to hear you enjoyed your visit to the Ancient sites of Israel which inspired you to paint these wonderful pictures. Mazal Tov


    • תודה רבה!
      Many places, people, history and culture in Israel inspire my works so there will no doubt be more to come!
      This is a wonderful country to live in and to explore.

      • MomentumIsrael permalink

        I agree with you entirely, Israel is a wonderful country and I look forward to more of your artwork

        לילה טוב
        רני כהן

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